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Justice V.C.R.A.C. Crabbe
Justice V.C.R.A.C. Crabbe

Let’s abandon colonial languages- Justice Crabbe advises

Former Supreme Court Judge, Justice V.C.R.A.C. Crabbe has advised the general public to adopt as the local language for both official and non-official purposes instead of English which happens to be the colonial language.

Justice Crabbe speaking on TV3 recently explained that “Ghanaians should not be proud because they can speak English, but rather be proud of being able to project and preserve our local languages for our present and future generations to come.”

He elaborated that, the act should begin from our parliament where laws are made; members should begin to use the local dialect to debate in the House. They should agree to use one local language, by so doing, before a person will contest for a parliamentary seat he/she should be able to speak the very language accepted by the House.

In Tanzania for instance, their parliamentarians speak Swahili on the floor of parliament, but here in Ghana, parliamentarians have made English the formal language to use in the House, therefore compelling every member to speak the colonial language. This means that if a person is not able to speak English, he or she cannot contribute to discussions and debates on the floor parliament.

The former Supreme Court Judge suggested that the Ghana Education Service (GES) should enforce all schools in the country, both public and private to teach the pupils with the local languages irrespective of where they find themselves.

According to him, the nation must enact a law to compel officials from the highest office of the land which is the Presidency to the lowest, to use local dialect for formal engagements.

But, the Youth Chief of Ahwerease – Darmang near Nsawam in the Eastern Region,Sarkin   Samari,  Mohammed Suleman, disagreed with Justice crabbe.Mr Suleman Argued that Ghanaians have gone  too  far  with what Justice Crabbe  described  as colonial language and  does not think  there will be any turning back. He said, abandoning the colonial or English Language and adopting   the local languages for official engagements will mean going back to begin from the scratch and possibly amending the constitution of the republic of Ghana.

He advised that parents should rather be encouraged to speak the local languages to their children regularly so as to ensure they don’t forget their roots. He indicated that there  are instances  where  parents who  have  lived abroad  for a  long time have  been able  to teach their  children  the  local  languages and  they are able  to speak fluently, therefore  there  is  the  need  to encourage  the parents  to rather up  their  game.





By:Diana Nartey


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