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Hon. Amoako Atta, Minister for Roads and Highways
Hon. Amoako Atta, Minister for Roads and Highways

LAWLESSNESS! 61 illegal U-Turns emerge on Accra- Nsawam Highway …As Ghana Highways Authority looks on

Commuters of the Accra – Nsawam dual carriage highway have expressed concerns about the rapid emergence of unapproved U-Turns on the road, appealing to the government to immediately resolve the situation before it worsens.

The 32 kilometers stretch which originally has 13 authorized U- Turns, can now boast of additional 61unapproved U-turns between Nsawam and Pokuase, which have brazenly been created by drivers for their own expediency.

The drivers however complain that the existing authorized u-turns are far apart and therefore they are unable to travel the distance to make a turn that is why they create such short cuts.

When Public Agenda went for an expedition on the road in September last year which it duly reported on its front page, the paper counted 31 unapproved U- turns. Hence, the latest development meant that within a period of eight months, 30 additional unauthorized U- turns have emerged.

Observers have pointed out that these illegalities are rife as a result of negligence on the part of the Ghana Highways Authority to ensure that the country’s roads are well constructed and safe for use by all.

A commercial driver, Mr Bernard Asante who plies the road on daily basis told Public Agenda that using the road has become very dangerous and life threatening as a result of the illegal U- Turns.

Mr Asante said because the road is a high speed one, there is no need to create these u- turns which are sources of several unreported crashes on the stretch.

He laments, “These U- turns are causing so many accidents on this road but when the accidents occur the drivers settle themselves without reporting to the police. The government has to step in before the situation becomes worse.”

He added that “The Ghana Highways Authority and law enforcement agencies must wake up from their slumber and make sure that U-turns that are created illegally are blocked in order to stop the accidents.”

When contacted, the head of Public Relations at the GHA, Diana Side said she was going to get back to Public Agenda with what the GHA was doing to resolve the situation as she was in a meeting. However, several follows- up calls the paper made to her were not answered.

Per the Ghana Highways Authority Act 1997 (Act 540), the Authority exist to ensure the administration, control, development and maintenance of the country’s trunk road network totaling 13,367 km and related facilities.

In a telephone interview with Public Agenda, the Communications Manager of the National Road Safety Commission, Mr Kwame Atuahene, was glad that the issue has been brought to his attention, assuring that the Commission would draw the attention of the GHA to the happenings on the road.

“It is an infrastructural concern and there is very little the commission can do so we will draw the GHA’s attention.” He said.

Mr Atuahene explained that from the commission’s side within this context, “It is the sensitization aspect that we would have to improve because it is an enforcement problem.  These concerns must be addressed with physical measures. A certain facility may have to be constructed so that the drivers cannot have access.”

Nonetheless, he reiterated, “I will take this matter to my superiors and notify them that this is what has come to our attention. We will bring it to the attention of the road agencies. We will also go on road to observe what is happening

The U-Turn remains one of the most dangerous driver manoeuvres on roads worldwide. Paramedics respond daily to severe trauma from crashes that could have been prevented had it not been for the hasty decision to make a U-turn in traffic.






By Mohammed Suleman


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