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KMA decongestion team ‘fights’ hawkers on pavements

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), is determined to sustain the exercise to rid the streets of petty traders in its decongestion exercise.

According to the KMA, measures have been instituted to ensure traders comply with directives under the decongestion exercise.

Graphic Online’s Kumasi photographer, Emmanuel Baah on Monday captured the KMA taskforce struggling with one of the traders who had returned to the streets in the central business district of Kumasi after several attempts by the assembly to ensure that no one sells on the roads and pavements after the decongestion exercise.

A second-hand cloth seller, was captured resisting arrest, after some members of KMA taskforce pounced on him while hawking in the middle of the road, which is against the KMA by-laws.


The traders upon hearing of the decongestion exercise by the KMA, sent their wares to an uncompleted building near the Kumasi central market to avoid arrest and seizure of their wares.

A joint taskforce of the KMA and the security services; seized several wares of traders who had moved to trade in the streets leading to the central business district of Kumasi.

All security services in Kumasi have released some personnel to support the KMA in maintaining law and order in the central business district.

Pedestrian traffic is gradually moving freely, after a joint taskforce of the KMA and the security services stormed the central business district to move traders from the streets of Kumasi.


Source: Graphic online



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