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Prof. Kenneth Danso
Prof. Kenneth Danso

Ghanaian Farmers must give technology a chance-Scientist

The Director of Biotechnology and Nuclear Agric Research Institute (BNARI) of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Prof. Kenneth Danso, has called on Ghanaian farmers to embrace available and scientifically proven technology to enhance agriculture productivity in the country.

Professor Danso indicated that farmers over reliance on conventional methods of farming will not entirely inure to the benefits of the country unless technology is embraced in the systems of farming.

He said the application of technology in the country’s farming system will help solve the problems of pest as well as increase the yield of farm produce.

“How  do  we solve the problem  of agriculture  if  there  are no new  methods,” he queried,  adding, “we  need  scientific technology to  overcome these challenges.  All we need to consider is genetic engineering including biotechnology.”

He continued, “There are a lot of challenges that the technology can address. I am always saying that we must give it a chance, we are not saying that it is going to replace all the seeds in this country…no, but where there   is a problem, we need to adopt the technology.

Prof.  Danso spoke at an event in Accra organized by AATF, CSIR and OFAB to honour some Journalists on science reporting.

Mrs. Mary  Ama  Kudom- Agyemang , an  environmental Journalist  and Joseph   Opoku Gakpo also  a  journalist were rewarded  for their  exceptional reportage  on  biotechnology.

The  Professor  maintained  that if a particular technology is proven and  accepted  everywhere, then  it must be  given a chance to solve  problems  for  the state.

“We need  to adopt it”, he said, adding “technology is advancing and  we must use technology  to  our  advantage .We  must give it  a chance  to see  whether  it will help agriculture in this country.  From  the  scientific  point of view  we  want it to be communicated  to everybody  that it has been scientifically proven and so  far  all those  that have been released, there  is a problem with  it.’

On  her  part, Mrs  Marry  Ama- Kudom Agyemang one of  the  award winners  expressed  gratitude for   feat and  thanked  the  organizers  for  the  honour done  her.  She also used the occasion to encourage young journalist to take interest in science reporting.  She pledged to continue writing on issues of biotechnology to educate the populace on its advantages.

By: Mohammed Suleman


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