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Isn’t our democracy a fraud?

Fundamental to every democracy is the rule of law. To put it simply, the submission of the entire nation to rules and laws is paramount to any working democracy. While it’s obvious that democracy depends on several interdependent and interrelated complex elements of society to serve its purpose, the removal of the rule of law spells disastrous feet for every ...

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Educating Ghana’s imprisoned: A pathway to remain out of jail

Imprisonment, in recent times, has moved from the era of human warehousing to that which seeks to correct the offending behaviour of offenders. The shift in focus, undoubtedly, requires from the Ghana Prisons Service newer treatment modules which focus on filling behavioural and intellectual gaps of offenders to empower them for fruitful and law abiding lives upon discharge to keep ...

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Africa, the ‘darling boy’ of the West and Asia; another scramble for the continent?

The UK Government is billed to leave the European Union (EU) officially on the 31st of January, 2020. After the referendum to leave in 2016, the leadership of Boris Johnson is leading the crusade to finally get out of a Union they have been part of for years. The Brexit move has caused two Prime Ministers their job, David Cameron and ...

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In Africa, ideas aren’t enough

For two decades, we have been running with the narrative of ‘a Ghana rising.’ Today, it is no longer a narrative but a reality, although in fading shadows. Ghana is now a land of economic freedom where investors from all over the world troop into to start businesses and/or takeover struggling ones that they nurture and build into multimillion-dollar companies ...

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An open letter to the director general of prisons

Emmanuel Agyemfra Boateng

I know you have a busy day today, so I will not bother you with a long letter that will take much of your time, but kindly make time for this. Few days ago, the Ghanaian Social media space and online news portals gave you a standing ovation for the tremendous step taken with Plan Volta Foundation and the University ...

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Hooliganism: Ghana football’s hydra-headed problem

On Sunday Ghana football recorded yet another despicable incident of crowd violence. This time a man got hit by a stray bullet as scores of fans gathered around the police armoured vehicle at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium. While the fan survived, Ghana football still counts the cost of hooliganism on its image.    Like the mythical ‘Head of Medusa’, ...

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Letter from Africa: Ghanaians leave nothing to chance for the New Year

In the BBC’s series of letters from African writers, journalist and former Ghana government minister Elizabeth Ohene writes about why she avoided New Year celebrations. We go to great lengths here to start every year on a high note. The belief is if things start off well on the first day of the year, the rest of the year will turn ...

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The fear of calling good, good


I am not quite sure at which stage we, as a people, started thinking it was a bad idea to admit that something was good if it was. Take the straightforward business of greeting someone you meet. Once upon a time, it went something like “good morning, how are you?” and you would get back, “good morning, I am well”. ...

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Africa is the crucible of the global internal displacement challenge

From Morocco to Spain, from Libya to Italy, Africans are moving outside their continent, seeking new lives beyond its shores, and too often perishing in the process. From Somalia to Kenya, from South Sudan to Uganda, millions are also moving within their continent, fleeing conflict or disaster, and seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. But most families and communities on the move in ...

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Manasseh’s Folder: Who’s responsible for these children?

Our elders have taught us that it takes one to bring forth a child, but it takes the entire village or community to raise that child. The conventional wisdom in this saying is too glaring to escape one’s notice or understanding even in this modern era. No matter how rich or resourceful a child’s parents are, and irrespective of how ...

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