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Vigilantism and Related Offences Act will not stop electoral violence – Research

Some Ghanaians do not have faith in the newly passed Vigilantism and Related Offences Act (2019) to stop the act of political vigilantism and electoral violence in the country, a research by the Centre for Democratic Development -Ghana (CDD-Ghana) has established. According to the research, some Ghanaians believe that the law will not work because of the absence of the ...

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US intervention in African elections

In recent times, a lot has been said bout Russian intervention in the US elections that brought president Donald Trump to power as the US President. It is quite ironic that it is American officialdom complaining about Russian intervention in the elections, yet, it is the US that not only meddles in their nations’ election process, but has been rampaging ...

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Winning the anti- galamsey fight requires community based approaches

Traditional mining has been the backbone of many local Ghanaian communities for centuries. Traditional mining was under the firm and strict control of local kings and chiefs who were the custodians of the land. It was done by digging pits, tunnels and sluices by hand and simple tools without or with less chemical use. Miners, both local and foreign, paid ...

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Does Ghana Need RTI Bill Now? Or its passage will be superfluous because of Special Prosecutor Office (SPO)?

 In my last write-up dated January 2 2018, headlined: ‘Special Prosecutor Office, Not a Silver Bullet.’  I stated unambiguously that the SPO isn’t a silver bullet entity, therefore Ghanaians must not pin all their hopes in that Office as though its introduction into the system would totally bring corruption to its knees or uproot it. No doubt, the captain of ...

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The politics of resistance

Resistance is the only road to liberation for people exploited and suppressed by those who have state power and control over wealth and resources. However, resistance does not mean disregard for the law. Nor does it mean resorting to violence. The means must be just and peaceful. The desired end might take a long time – a long, long time ...

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International Elections Observation: The lie of impartiality

In most elections in which International Observation is permitted the observers often find favor of the electoral management body even if an election is by all accounts shambolic. Colleagues have told me there are exceptions to this presentiment but having dabbled in international observation as part of the East African Community Presidential Election Observation Mission to Rwanda on the 4th ...

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Who owns Kenya? The election crisis is really a struggle over elite power

Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta

Two elections in two months have not settled Kenya’s political crisis. But the impasse is not really about who will sit in State House. It’s a deeper question: it’s about who owns Kenya – its citizens or a historically entrenched political elite. Kenya went back to the polls on 26 October after the Supreme Court annulled the first attempt in August. ...

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What is election monitoring?

election monitoring

Election monitoring is the observation of an election by one or more independent parties, typically from another country or a non-governmental organization, primarily to assess the conduct of an election process on the basis of national legislation and international election standards. There are national and international election observers. Monitors do not directly prevent electoral fraud, but rather record and report ...

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Election Observers did their best in Kenya

Dr Emmanuel Akwetey

Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey, Executive Director of IDEG res-ponds to criticism directed at Election Observers for their role in the annulled elections in Kenya. He particularly appeals to citizens to understand the role of ex-President John Mahama’s role as head of the Commonwealth observer team. Please hold your fire. Prez Mahama and Prez Mbeki acquitted themselves well as leaders of the ...

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Togo in turmoil


After years of government stalling, demonstrators are demanding electoral reforms, including the reinstatement of term limits. Thousands take to the streets in Togo to demand the reinstatement of the 1992 constitution. On Saturday 19 August, shocking images of the bodies of protesters being carried on stretchers started flooding social media in Togo. That day, thousands of citizens had taken to ...

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