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Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin – The journey of a diaspora returnee to a king

Okyenhene, Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin

As Ghana hosts the greatest return initiative for Africa, there is a lot to appreciate of those who have taken the decision to return permanently; to abandon the comforts of a western society and move to settle with whatever is left of the cradle of civilization. Although some may have awoken from the “American dream” with a slap of reality ...

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Lukaku: Ronaldo told me Italy is the hardest place to score

Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo told him that Italy is the most defensive league in the world. Lukaku told the New York Times: “He told me this is the hardest defensive league in the world. “He said he’d scored goals everywhere, but this was the toughest place to do it. And if Cristiano Ronaldo thinks it’s difficult, then ...

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Manasseh’s Folder: Who’s responsible for these children?

Our elders have taught us that it takes one to bring forth a child, but it takes the entire village or community to raise that child. The conventional wisdom in this saying is too glaring to escape one’s notice or understanding even in this modern era. No matter how rich or resourceful a child’s parents are, and irrespective of how ...

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Parliament considering bulletproof curtains to protect MPs

Speaker of Parliament, Mike Oquaye

Speaker of Parliament, Aaron Mike Oquaye says the House is considering putting up bulletproof curtains to protect Members of Parliament. “It will interest members to know the Board [Parliamentary Service Board] is seriously considering a bulletproof glass curtain to block the chamber for the upmost protection of Members in and out of the Chamber,” he said. The debate on security was reignited following ...

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Airline is ditching ‘ladies & gentlemen’ for a more gender-inclusive greeting

For years, cabin greetings such as “Good morning ladies and gentlemen” have been as much part of the flying experience as safety demonstrations and seat belt buckling instructions. But now, one European airline has advised its crew to make announcements more inclusive after a passenger complained. EasyJet, a low-cost carrier and one of Europe’s largest airlines, has issued its staff ...

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How the people of Elmina became the first Africans to receive Europeans in West Africa

Although the English and Americans are the European superpowers today, there was a time that power lied in the bosom of the Portuguese and Spanish. Researcher and historian at the University of Ghana’s Institute of African Studies, Kweku Darko Ankrah, notes that Elmina in Ghana’s Central Region is the first European settlement in West Africa. Historian J.E. Condua-Harley notes: “When ...

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Clarify ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ policy – CSOs to govt

President Nana Akufo-Addo

Civil Society Organisations are asking the government to reposition and redefine the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ policy to meet the needs of current generation without compromising the needs of future generations. This, according to the Ghana Civil Society Organisations Platform on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will ensure economic stability, prosperity and development. “It is imperative that countries become more self-reliant, independent ...

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Update Ghanaians on high-profile corruption cases – Occupy Ghana to AG

Pressure Group, Occupy Ghana, has called on the Attorney-General to update Ghanaians on the status of high-profile corruption cases being investigated. A statement issued by the group singled out the Woyome, Abuga Pele and Philip Assibit cases as issues that citizens need to be updated on. “The Attorney-General must present a full update to Ghanaians on the status of the ...

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The pursuit of JJ Rawlings on the path of Freedom and Justice

Jerry John Rawlings

The emergence of President Rawlings in the political scene in Ghana brought in a new dynamo for sustaining the freedom fight towards a free and liberated people on the continent of Africa. He strongly propagated philosophies and policies that would deepen the Pan African ideology and moral standard for integrity, justice and equality amongst the African peoples, and Africans in ...

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Accra can still become cleanest city in Africa – Mayor

Mohammed Adjei Sowah

The Major of Accra has urged the media and Ghanaians in general to partner the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to achieve the government’s vision of making Accra the cleanest city in Africa. According to  Mohammed Adjei Sowah, Accra’s sanitation challenges require an “all hands on deck “ approach. Speaking to JoyNews’ Augustina Buckman, during a carol service organised by the Assembly, he said despite the effective ...

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