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Millet; lifeline of the Savannah


Millet, an indigenous savanna cereal, has been a staple in most parts of northern Ghana for centuries. In recent times however, the cultivation of the crop is being threatened by competition from one of its closest substitutes, maize. Peasant farmers who have been the main growers of the nutritious, ancient crop, are opting for  maize, due to diverse factors. Across ...

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Unanswered questions about the anti-galamsey war.

Anti galamsey

There is no gainsaying the fact that, the practice of illegal and ecologically destructive mining is not sustainable nor is it  in the national interest and  must therefore be discredited, abandoned and permanently. The launching by government of the war against illegal mining early this year came with a six-month long ban on illegal mining and suspension of mining activity ...

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Cholera Threat


  The cholera ‘outbreak’ is not a health issue or solely a health issue. It is a symptom of all that is wrong with us, as a people and as a nation. We should not even be referring to it as an ‘outbreak, because it is now a part of our annual calendar of events and occurrences. Indeed, a medical ...

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Government to break barriers to gender equality

Madam Otiko Afisah Djaba

Government’s commitment towards empowering women economically to overcome the “feminization of poverty” through ensuring equitable access to land, credit, markets and social protection, including property rights she added.   Speaking at the event, the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Madam Otiko Afisa Djaba said government was working tirelessly on the Affirmative Action legislation, which aims at facilitating a minimum ...

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Mallam rubbish dump poses severe threat to humans

landfill site

The current situation at the Mallam refuse dump which is at the “mouth” of the market is posing a serious health threat to both the traders and buyers at the market and it is extremely difficult for traders to ignore it. The traders at the Mallam market are not the only victims of the stench and flies from the dump ...

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Peasant farmers’ rise against- post harvest losses

Victoria Adongo

The peasant Association of Ghana is calling on government and other to put in place concrete measures to address post harvest losses. Specifically, “we call on government to take deliberate steps to ensure that post-harvest management is effectively integrated into all its agricultural programmes; the Planting for food and jobs programme. “There is the urgent need for an increase in ...

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International Observers give Kenya Elections Thumps-Up


Two days after voting in Kenya, key observer missions including teams from the African Union (AU), Commonwealth, the East African Community (EAC) and the European Union (EU) have made statements on their assessment of the electoral process so far. Generally, most observer groups believe that despite few minor incidences, the process of voting, counting, and tallying at polling stations has ...

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Operation vanguard: Are we at war?

In recent weeks, stories have emerged of the Government’s latest attempt to end galamsey in our communities. Operation vanguard is aimed at flashing out so-called ‘illegal mining’ groups and does not affect so-called investors, meaning foreigners, who are mainly westerners. The Chinese have been demonised alongside our galamsey youth. Undoubtedly, galamsey constitutes one of the menaces we face in Ghana ...

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Nana Addo

Ghana’s fourth republic has been thriving for 25 years now, which is more than the first Republic which lasted for 6 years and the second and third republics both of which survived less than three years. The fourth republic has also produced successive governments with two different political parties swapping places and five Presidents. That is unparalleled in our history ...

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Tamale to get first major shopping mall

SADA boss-Charles Abugre

  The Chief Executive Officer of the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) has disclosed that the Northern Regional Capital, Tamale, will soon get its first ever major shopping mall.   The initiative is one of the numerous projects being put in place by the Authority to spur economic and social growth and to make the Northern Savanna Ecological Zone an ...

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