Once again, another examination is here with us and all candidates offering Visual Arts begun their West African Senior School Certificate Examination last Monday, August 16, 2020; by sitting for the practical paper in Ceramics and Basketry.

The die is cast, and the candidates are expected to give good account of their 3-year stay in the classroom.

In the 2020 WASSCE for school candidates, the West African Examination Council, WAEC reported a number of examination malpractices. According to the WAEC, 2,383 candidates had their results cancelled for various malpractices such as engaging in collusion bringing foreign materials to the examination hall and tearing parts of their question papers to solicit assistance.

480 candidates had their entire results cancelled for bringing mobile phones to the examination hall. 380 candidates had their entire results withheld pending the conclusion of investigations into various cases of examination malpractices detected during and after the examination.

In 2020, the media also reported widespread leakage of WASSCE question papers for various subjects. Civil society has questioned how WAEC questions could leak sometimes 3 clear days before the paper is due to be written.

The incidence of leakage of examination question papers is mindboggling considering the conditions under which WASSCE questions are printed and distributed under tight security.

There is a school of thought which alleges that, WAEC officials are complicit in leakage of WASSCE question. Whatever the source of the leakage might be, WAEC must work harder at preventing leakage of its question papers as this reduces the credibility of the WASSCE.

WAEC must do all that it can to prevent the leakage of its WASSCE questions. If this means prosecuting officials of WAEC involved in this crime if proven guilty. WAEC should not hesitate to deal with such miscreants in its fold to serve as determent to others. At the moment it appears WAEC only focus on examination centres in tackling examination malpractice.

I urge the candidates to be weary of examination malpractice and other negative tendencies such as gross disrespect for school authorities and total disregard for examination rules and regulation; as these will be detrimental to their future aspirations.

There are not short-cut route to greatness; as Confucius rightly puts it “There are two cardinal sins that lead to others – Laziness and Impatience”. Hence all candidates must understand that it is only hard work and discipline that can guarantee their success in the 2021 WASSCE. WASSCE candidates should not forget that refusing to learn is planning to fail.

My final advice all candidates is that they should always remember the words of the poet as they strive to make it into tertiary institutions in Ghana and beyond.

“No time is there for sleep at night. For then who hope to reach the height. No time is there for them who hope for fame. To rest and to forget their aim. Success is won by fight”

I say good luck to all candidates who are prepared for this year’s WASSCE.

By Ebenezer Nana Wilson

(Assistant Headmaster, Administration)

Mozano Senior High School

Gomoa Eshiem


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