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Never forget the History of Elmina Castle

Elmina castle

The 505-year-old former slave depot is evocative of an important alarming part of Ghana’s history. With space for 1000 slaves, the number of innocent Ghanaians being shipped all over the world is hardly imaginable. Elmina Castle which was built in 1482 by Portuguese conquerors is one of the best preserved forts along the Ghanaian coast. After first being a camp ...

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Damba festival in Northern Ghana

damba festival

Each year, around May, the Gonjas people of Ghana’s Northern Region celebrate the Damba festival, where Islam and indigenous customs come together. Three days of events and celebrations. To remember the past but also to discuss currents issues. Bole is a small town and is the capital of Bole district, in the Northern Region of Ghana. The town is only ...

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