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Africa march towards democracy

Madam Charlotte Osei, EC Boss

While pontificating at length about democracy, participation and the rights of people to choose their own destinies, the West has shown once again that its own interest overrides those legitimate concerns of others. This has to be emphasised time and again to enable the youth of Africa to learn that the salvation of this continent lies in Africans ourselves. What ...

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Nana aba – paradise regained or paradise lost?

Nana Akufo Addo

A year has just passed since the nation voted the New Patriotic Party (NPP) into political office, with Nana Akufo Addo as President. On reaching Kumasi on my way to my village, around this time last year, the euphoria in Kumasi about the victory   of the NPP was so electric that bakers had special bread made which the street vendors ...

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Rawlings To Address 31st December Anniversary In Ho

Jerry John Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings is expected to deliver the keynote address at the 36thanniversary of the 31st December Revolution at Ho in the Volta Regional on Sunday, December 31, 2017. Also the Founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ex-president Rawlings will lead activities marking the celebration on the theme “Uniting Around the Principles of Probity, Accountability and Social ...

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IMANI’s Franklin Cudjoe warns: Tame the runaway Office of Government Machinery horse before…

Nana Addo

This week, we heard two worrying news items on potential waste of financial resources involving two government agencies whose creation my colleagues at IMANI questioned. These are the Senior Minister’s and the Ministry of Special Development and Initiatives. Unsurprisingly both agencies are sitting within the Office of Government Machinery. Thankfully, Parliament refused to approve the GhȻ6m allocation to the Senior ...

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December 31, 1981: How the ‘IMF baby’ betrayed its parents

Jerry John Rawlings

When I thought about this article, I had wanted the title to read; “December 31, 1981- A revolution betrayed” but that would have attracted the usual pundits of ‘revolutionary’ theory who continue to question what was ‘betrayed’. For the sake of argument, let us take the case of Cuba. If Fidel Castro had on the eve of the Cuban revolution ...

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Reasons why Kwesi Botchway report is not made public

Kwesi Botchway

The Kwesi Botchway Report is the result of a committee set up by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) after the party’s disastrous performance at the 2016 polls. The nation was informed amid wild publicity that the KB Committee will unravel some of the reasons why the largely popular NDC performed also abysmally during the 2016 elections. So high was the ...

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‘The Language Politicians Use Is Damaging Politics’

A well-known British journalist and writer asked the question: “What has gone wrong with the language of politics”? This is what Ghanaian politicians and leaders ought to be asking themselves every day whether in election time or post-election times. And here, I am not referring to spin doctors. We do not have them in Ghana. It is becoming a common ...

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Building the Africa we want


Africa today is a mishmash of successes, failures, and disappointments. Kenya, at this point is a cause for concern. Africa’s ruling elites have failed or refused to learn the lessons that history provides so often. This is not helped by the massaging of egos they receive from the international community led by the United nations. It is sad that political ...

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Will the Ghanaian elite ever learn?

These days, it is not uncommon to hear Ghanaians announce proudly that Ghana is a “Middle-Income Country” (MIC). I must admit that I do not know what it means to live in a so-called MIC. However, I recently read an article by a journalist with Public Agenda where she bemoaned the fact that since Ghana gained a Middle-Income Country (MIC) ...

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US jails ex-Guinea minister Mahmoud Thiam over China bribes

Mahmoud Thiam

Mahmoud Thiam, a former Guinean cabinet minister was sentenced to seven years in a US prison Friday and ordered to pay back $8.5 million for laundering bribes from a Chinese conglomerate in exchange for mining rights. Thiam, 50, was convicted on May 3 of money laundering but was sentenced today, Friday by Judge Denise Cote, more than three months after ...

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