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Heading For The ECOWAS’ Eldorado; Invasion Of The Beggars

There has never been such a large influx of beggars from the West African sub-region. For these swarms of alms-seeking persons — our neighbours from as far afield as Niger and Nigeria  — this country is an oasis of wealth, an Eldorado where poverty will surely give way to wealth; a nirvana of sorts. They will, therefore, do all they ...

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Waste to treasure – lessons from afar

Waste as nuisance on a street in Takoradi

Ghana, like most countries is at the crossroads, overwhelmed by the ever-increasing waste. The development has become a huge social problem even though the same waste can be a source of job and wealth creation. One of the key lessons I picked on a recent Petroleum Commission Oil and Gas Trade Mission to Scotland in the United Kingdom is how ...

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Our Hypocritical Politics Is Adequate For Our Democracy

“In politics, we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill…we do not ask for the handsomest physician, or the most eloquent. The heaviest penalty for deciding to engage in politics is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself” ~ Plato Nobody ever said anything ...

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Who Are We?

Are we stupid? Hell no! That’s too harsh! Then, who are we? I had insomnia last night after I came across one of the famous quotes of the renowned scientist — Albert Einstein. It says, ‘‘stupidity is doing same thing and expecting different results.’’ I cherish fame, and I adore Ghana — a country which does same thing over and ...

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The Rant: Democracy Is Not Democracy in Ghana if Child Labour exist

I want to rant and ask why something cannot be done, if the so-called democracy we live in cannot give us a good life. I want to rant like a mad woman and ask our government why children need to sell on the streets in order to fend for themselves. I want to rant so my voice could be heard ...

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Ghana, a sick Country or a Paralyzed Country?

Many use Rwanda and Ethiopia as shining examples of nations experiencing planned, orderly and growth-oriented development. Why is Rwanda, which has come out of several years of political rancor, social anarchy and civil war arresting development and addressing inequality but Ghana with its abundant resources continue to babble in poverty and inequality? Why is it that Ghana gained independence almost ...

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Leaders Build Houses

Bishop Dag Heward -Mills

Many people think that it takes wealth and riches to build a house. From experience, I know that it does not require money peruse, but wisdom. People who are able to rally their resources together and use them wisely often become builders. Often such a person is a leader. Have you built a house? What you build will testify of ...

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Many are called

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has been in office for close to one and half years.  He has made many appointments including over 100 ministers.   Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Board Members, Chief Executives among many others have been hired and appointed to various positions and they are expected to help him succeed as President. The President ultimately takes the praise and blame for ...

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Contract Integrity and Ghana beyond Aid: The Oil Perspective

Currently, Ghana appears to be wading through another development process inscribed on the concept of Ghana beyond Aid (GBA). Like  an infectious flu, different  segments  of the  society   have been  caught  sneezing  the concept , spurring    conversations  over   best  options and approach  to translate it into realisable  and beneficial outcome. Embedded in the concept is private sector involvement. Upbeat about ...

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Akpeteshi devastating communities

My first cousin, James Atarah has died. I am informed he was buried yesterday. James has joined numerous victims of the silent epidemic that is killing young, mainly men, in the northern and upper regions of Ghana – akpeteshie, a toxic locally distilled spirit from sugarcane or palm wine. Akpeteshie is cheaper than beer, it gives instant kick and it ...

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