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Africa: Cursed by aid


Sub-Saharan Africa has a comfortable prominence among the world’s most aid-dependent countries. Even the phrase “aid-dependent” is annoying. But perhaps over the years African leaders have not thought it annoying enough, or they would have shown leadership of the kind that would have evicted their countries from this shameful front row. At the very least it should have struck them ...

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Artisanal and Small Scale Mining in Ghana from a Livelihood Perspective

small scale

The term “Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining” has been defined in several ways by different scholars.  Most Scholars who have attempted to define the concept have their definitions characterized by the number of miners, the production capacity of a mine, the mechanization status and the capital investment value.  Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) has been acknowledged as a substantial source of ...

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Ban donations to street children beggars – the Kampala example

street children

One of the forward-looking news items during the past week that should gladden the hearts of child rights activists was headlined, “Kampala bans donations to street children.” According to a BBC story published by the Daily Graphic on May 24th, city Councillors in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, have made it criminal offence to give money or food to street children beggars. Violators ...

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The Ghanaian narrative must change


We have been brought up to believe that being Ghanaian is the best thing that could happen to anybody. We take pride in our country as a beacon of hope for Africa. The country that produced the likes of Yaa Asantewa, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and Kofi Annan. Everything Ghana was supposed to be the best. Our fufu, akple and ...

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Dredging our minds, desilting our culture – The solution to dilemma of flooding


“Government tackles flood with GH¢197 million”, “Government donates relief items to flood victims”, “NADMO records 53,000 rendered homeless due to floods”. These and other headlines flood our media space every year during rains, yet no radical measures to solve our flooding menace exist! Citizens and successive governments have destroyed the lives of many Ghanaians. Yes! Governments’ thirst to score political ...

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The security and safety consciousness we lack


I stopped by a friend’s house the other weekend as I was in her area. As acceptable practice in our tradition, I did not give prior notice and assumed that she would be in and would not mind my stopping by. She was not in the house when I got there. Her houseboy attended to me. He did not remember me when I asked him even though ...

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Organizing Africa’s economy: How to Double the GDP of Africa in Five Years


There is the story of an old drunk who was seen searching for his keys under a street light. ‘Did you drop them here?’ he was asked. ‘No, I dropped them in the park, but the light is better here’. Africa’s economy has been described as having the greatest potential for growth in the world for the past decade. However, ...

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The mistreatment of unmarried women in Ghana justifies feminist anger


Feminism is basically advocating for women’s rights and equality of the sexes. Feminist groups have been springing up to fight for women’s rights since immemorial. One such group that popped up in Ghana recently was the Pepper Dem Ministries whose main objective is to compel people to ‘unlearn toxic narratives.’ Then some men went into their armoury and women bared ...

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Ghana needs responsible citizens to end flooding


There is a popular idiom that goes ‘children should be seen and not heard’. I agree with this, in certain circumstances. However, I believe that in contributing to the development of society through speech as a concerned youth and citizen of this nation, I ask that my thoughts are considered. Thus, permit me to rant. It has become somewhat a ...

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Video: The street is not safe, everything goes on here


Tales from a series of interviews after hitting the street to detail our findings reveal hidden activities that go on. Two homeless boys told their story and shared their experiences on the street. We started with Joseph Boateng, who is well known as ‘‘Ahoɔfɛ’. He is popular and everyone seems to like him because of his dramatic character. Ahoɔfɛ told Benabi ...

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