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Trade Minster calls for increased partnerships to boost trade

Hon.Robert Ahomka-Lindsey

Ghana cannot rely only on trade investment alone to raise capital and grow its economy, said the Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Hon. Robert Ahomka-Lindsey. Mr Ahomka-Lindsey indicated that the government of Ghana is interested in  widening its trade partnership agreement to more countries by targeting countries across the globe. ‘’Selling to Ghanaians alone will not help transform the ...

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World Bank supports transformation of public sector for service delivery

The Ghana Community Network Services Limited (GCNet) has indicated its willingness to continue to work with government to implement initiatives that will transform the country from a passive technology consumer to one of innovations. The Executive Chairman of GCNet, Dr. Nortey Omaboe, who made the call, said the technology landscape was experiencing rapid transformation, which required the collaboration between governments ...

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Ghanaians demand labeling of oil-funded projects

Hon.Boakye Agyarko,Minister for Energy

Beneficiaries of projects executed with proceeds from Ghana’s Oil resources have recommended the need for government to consider labeling such projects for easy identification. Like it was done to most of the HIPC projects in the past, they believe that labeling all oil-funded projects would make Ghanaians understand and feel the impact of how the petroleum revenues are being used. ...

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Money Laundering or Tax Avoidance? All are Anti-Developmental

In April 2016 the world was hit by one of the biggest scandals the hit the Global financial sector. The Panama Papers! This scandal seemingly happened far away from the shores of Ghana, this may be going on far away from our shores but we are usually the most losers, because we are usually the most exploited in this global ...

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NGO calls for reduction in fossil fuel use

Oilwatch Africa has made a radical proposal to African countries to move away from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy; arguing that the continuous exploitation of fossil fuels is impacting negatively on primary economies including agriculture, fisheries, livelihoods and  the  environment. The Environmental civil Society group insist that “leaving fossils fuels in the ground and replacing with renewable ...

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Taxation, neo-liberalism and how the global system got rigged

Taxation must be the ultimate tool for the redistribution of wealth. It is the ultimate determinant of the distribution of income from production and can be used to encourage productivity or even discourage it. Largely it is the globally accepted tool for economic justice in the global production system as well social justice for the disadvantaged and less endowed in ...

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Spend ABFA on fewer road projects- PIAC advises

Hon. Amoako Atta, Minister for Roads and Highways

Government has been advised to consider spending the Annual Budget Funding Amount (ABFA) on fewer road infrastructural projects to avoid the customary thin spreading. Such arrangement, according to the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC), would allow the citizenry to appreciate and feel the impact of how the country’s oil revenue is utilised. It believes that few legacy projects should ...

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Government launches ‘Chance for change campaign’

Chief of staff at the Presidency, Mrs. Akosua Fremah Opare has appealed for support from both government and private partners to facilitate the implementation of the National Plan of Action2, arguing that the menace called for a concerted effort from stakeholders to end it. She said there were people with high social stature, academic standards and parents who could not ...

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Anger in Ghana’s Gold Fields …As factions clash

When a Chinese citizen can enter the Galamsey trade and make it her own in Ghana, then you know there is something fishy. And this is not about xenophobia. Any Ghanaian knows that there are only two trades reserved for the high and mighty. First it is the oil trade and its oil ‘blocs’ for those with recognizable names and ...

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Barclays PLC reduces its African stake to 23.4%

Barclays PLC has reduced its shareholding in Barclays Africa to 23.4%. On Thursday, Barclays Africa announced that following the completion of South Africa’s largest bookbuild in South African Rands, Barclays PLC has sold 33.7% of Barclays Africa. The issued share capital was at a price of R132 per share. A statement from the bank and copied to Citi Business News ...

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